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    Telehealth Consultation

    We offer telehealth consultations for our all patients. These are preferably undertaken via video conferencing but can also be over the phone.

    In most situations, an appropriate treatment plan can be formulated using this method. Sometimes, a clinical examination is necessary. Dr Sofiadellis will inform you if this is required during your consultation.

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    How do I arrange a telehealth appointment?

    Please contact the rooms on 03 7067 9688 or [email protected] and we will help you organize a telehealth appointment. 

    Alternatively, you can book a (limited number available) appointment using the ‘Healthengine widget on our website for a non-refundable deposit for the consultation.

    How much does a telehealth consultation cost?

    A new patient telehealth consultation fee is $250. Please note that part of the consultation fee will be reimbursed by Medicare but there will be an out-of-pocket charge. The consultation fee is payable when you are booking the appointment.

    Are telehealth consultations confidential?

    We use a telehealth provider that has end-to-end encryption and is secure. All data transmitted through your web browser is encrypted and no information is retained by the telehealth service.

    How will Dr Sofiadellis perform my examination?

    A complete clinical examination is not possible using telehealth. However, Dr Sofiadellis will be able to assess and discuss most plastic surgery conditions using this medium. In most cases, the combination of your history, imaging findings and a limited clinical examination will allow Dr Sofiadellis to provide you with a provisional plan for your condition.

    Sometimes, this may require an in-person assessment which will need to be arranged after your telehealth consultation.

    Do I need to download any additional software?

    No. Your telehealth consultation will be conducted using video conferencing using your web browser. This would be preferable for use on an Android or iPhone mobile device. You do not need to download any additional applications or software.

    Dr Sofiadellis can also provide a telephone consultation if you prefer.

    Dr Sofiadellis has appointments in major public and private Melbourne hospitals.


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